A breakdown is a common problem. Learn how to avoid one with some preventative maintenance

Everyone can agree that break downs happen, whether its with your car or an appliance. However, there are ways you can prevent these break downs! undefined In this informative video, you’ll learn about the 3 main causes of car break down and what to do if it happens. B rought to you by the team at MPOWERful.

What is a Breakdown?

A breakdown can take on a variety of different meanings. A breakdown can refer to an electrical issue, a maintenance issue, or even an accident. One thing is for sure, though: it’s usually nothing serious, usually. Some vehicles have been known to go into a complete and total breakdown at certain times of any year. No matter what time of year, there’s always a set of circumstances that will break down a vehicle, but it’s the breakdowns at any given time that tend to stand out in people’s minds . To some, they practically define the vehicle itself.

Some people take pride in their cars and want to keep them in pristine condition. This

Causes of breakdowns

In a typical breakdown situation, you’ll notice a slow response from the car and it won’t be able to accelerate or overtake. This is because an engine misfire has caused the car to lose power. In order to avoid this, it’s important to keep your car running smoothly with regular maintenance visits. By ensuring that your car is serviced regularly, you’ll be able to avoid these types of situations where breakdowns occur.

Common causes of breakdowns

Breakdowns happen and can make driving a hassle. They can also be expensive to fix and cause many hours of downtime. To avoid breakdowns, some preventative maintenance is in order. Some of these are simple things like changing the oil, air filters, and tires before they wear out. Others may include replacing components in the engine like spark plugs or fuel injectors.

Prevention methods for a breakdown

You can minimize the chance of a breakdown with some preventative maintenance. You should look into a few simple things to help you avoid roadside breakdowns. These include having working smoke alarms and a functioning tire inflation gauge in your vehicle, keeping windshield wiper blades clean, and checking for tread on tires regularly. It is also helpful to have your radiator checked at every oil change to ensure that it is not leaking. If your vehicle’s owner’s manual states that you need a certain amount of oil in your radiator after an oil change, you should do exactly that. If your vehicle is a new one, you will have to get a new owner’s manual and follow the instructions

Common signs of a breakdown and what to do about it
There are many signs that a breakdown is coming. The most common sign is a decrease in speed, but it can also come from an increase in idle time or from increased amount of smoke coming from the engine. If you notice these symptoms, pull over immediately and turn off the car and try to figure out what could be wrong.

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Everyone can agree that break downs happen, whether its with your car or an appliance. However, there are ways you can prevent these break downs!

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Just like with any other car, it’s important to keep your breaks in good shape. Most importantly, check the fluid levels once a month and get your brakes checked every year or so. So the next time you hear your car screaming for help, pull up to a repair shop and ask them to check your brakes. Happy driving !