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Terry’s Towing is a tow truck company in 23rd Avenue Northwest & 91 Street Northwest, Edmonton, Alberta. Our tow trucks are able to pull anything on the road, quickly and efficiently. We have been proudly serving 23rd Avenue Northwest & 91 Street Northwest, Edmonton since 1992. Terry’s Towing provides 24-hour towing service 365 days a year, with a flatbed tow truck always ready for you no matter what time of day. We can be found by calling us at ☎️ (587)-337-6789 or by visiting our website for more information about our services.

We’re the Tow Truck Company to trust. With Terrys Towing, you can rest assured knowing we have your back. We offer 24 hour service seven days a week with our in-house experienced tow truck drivers. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured company in 23rd Avenue Northwest & 91 Street Northwest, Edmonton.
Our services include tire repair and replacement, auto and motorcycle towing at a low price, road side assistance, fuel delivery and refill, junk removal, emergency roadside help and more!

Terry’s Towing provides 24 hour towing services, tire repair and replacement, flatbed towing, locksmith service and car unlocking, road side assistance, auto jump start, fuel delivery and refill, tow truck services and junk removal. The tow truck service is available 24 hours a day for all types of vehicles.
Terry’s Towing offers a variety of roadside assistance services for whatever your need may be- including tire repair and replacement. Check our website for many more car towing rates from the company that started it all! Contact Terry’s Towing today to learn more about our industry leading pricing on 24 hour towing services.

Terrys Towing is the leading provider of towing and roadside assistance services. It all started in 2002 with one tow truck, a storage lot and an answering machine. I worked 6 days a week 12 hours a day to keep the business going. After a couple years of continuous hustle I saw my first break through with a little old lady who needed her car towed after her daughter crashed it into the gates at the hardware store. I’m not here to take anything away from this old lady that helped me make it happen, but if you know fencing and gates there’s no way she could do that! This was our big break through, now we had some capital coming in to work on getting the company up and running. After 3 long years of hard work we were able to save enough money for an office space so that we could hire some help. We finally got on track building up what we have today!

Terry’s Towing provides professional towing services for the 23rd Avenue Northwest & 91 Street Northwest, Edmonton region. Terry’s Towing is a 24-hour towing service that offers flatbed tow truck, jump start, fuel delivery and refill, tire repair and replacement, locksmith service, auto and motorcycle towing. Terry’s Towing provides a one-stop shop for all of your transportation needs. With a wide range of tow truck services, we can help with every day transportation needs as well as those unexpected situations where you find yourself stranded on the side of the road.

Terry’s Towing was established in 1992 by owner Lal Brar and has been providing professional towing services in 23rd Avenue Northwest & 91 Street Northwest, Edmonton ever since. From our humble beginnings with tow trucks and a single car ramp in Ikea parking lot, Terry’s Towing has grown into a dependable team of over 20 committed employees who are ready to take care of your transportation needs!
We’re proud to be an 23rd Avenue Northwest & 91 Street Northwest, Edmonton-based company that provides excellent customer service while maintaining competitive prices year after year. We work hard every day because we know that trust is our most valuable asset!

Terry’s Towing is a family business that specializes in Customer Service, Cost Effective Solutions and Timely Delivery. We serve the 23rd Avenue Northwest & 91 Street Northwest, Edmonton Region with quality and efficiency. Terry’s Towing has been providing the region with towing services for over 40 years and counting. With our commitment to excellence, we are continually striving to meet the needs of each customer by providing efficient and cost effective service. Terry’s Towing knows that you have many options when it comes to choosing a tow truck company, which is why we go above and beyond to make your experience a good one.

Terry’s Towing has been delivering 24 hour tow truck services to 23rd Avenue Northwest & 91 Street Northwest, Edmonton residents for over 37 years. With us, you’ll never have to worry about being stranded again because our experienced drivers are available at any time of day or night for all your towing needs.
Terry’s towing is a locally owned and operated company. We are committed providing unrivaled customer service and exceptional value. When it comes to being a tow truck company in 23rd Avenue Northwest & 91 Street Northwest, Edmonton, there is no other choice than Terry’s Towing!
It all started with a simple idea: creating a safe place for family members while they drive home on Christmas Eve, 1975. Thirty-seven years later we’re still going strong – providing 23rd Avenue Northwest & 91 Street Northwest, Edmontonians with the best professional driver and truck services possible.

Terry’s Towing offers 24-hour roadside assistance, so if you’re ever in need of a tow or any other service, Terry’s is your one stop shop. We offer affordable rates and quality services to keep you on the road. Contact us today at ☎️ (587)-337-6789. Get connected with Terry’s Towing today!

Terry’s Towing is a family-owned, locally operated company that helps 23rd Avenue Northwest & 91 Street Northwest, Edmonton drivers with their vehicle needs. We provide 24-hour towing and flatbed towing in the 23rd Avenue Northwest & 91 Street Northwest, Edmonton area. Get your car towed away to Terry’s Towing. Call Terry’s Towing for all your towing needs.

Emergency Roadside Assistance.
We provide 24 hour roadside assistance, towing, tire repair and replacement, and more. Our service is the fastest in the business, with experienced drivers and fast response times. Call Terrys Towing today for your emergency roadside assistance.

Have your car towed out at any time, anytime in 23rd Avenue Northwest & 91 Street Northwest, Edmonton. 24 hour towing service. Tire repair and replacement.
Call Terry’s Towing today at ☎️ (587)-337-6789.