Leduc Towing Services Company

We are a car towing company Leduc, as well as a tow truck company. We provide emergency roadside assistance for those moments you need things moved from the road forward.
Terrys Towing Leduc is a tow truck service in Edmonton, Canada serving Canada and bordering countries such as: US and Mexico, and we can help with any type of vehicle roadside assistance you might require.
The only types of towed vehicles we handle are: cars, trucks vans, R/V’s and light duty trailers.

Since 1992, Terrys Towing & Auto Service has been a leading independent towing company in Edmonton and surrounding facilities of North Canada. A trustworthy name in the thriving industry, our firm offers both commercial and residential towing services for all modern day clients including small successional businesses, contractors, motor oil site owners, vehicle repair sites, police stations.
Today our business continues to grow with an impressive customer base worldwide who successively rely on us when in need.

We have been a towing company in Edmonton for quite some time now, and we have done our best throughout the years to stay ahead of the competition. We are considered one of the most reliable car towing services in Edmonton, founded with the goal of offering an affordable pricing structure. It is our passion to make quick board through proper service for any circumstance.

Our company is a vehicle towing service Leduc. We provide 24/7 emergency roadside assistance and car towing service anywhere, anytime (all over Leduc, Edmonton) including no extra fee for holidays, weekends or night time. Our tow truck trucks are the only ones in Edmonton carrying our own insurance.
We do not relay on paperwork or estimate amount of hours to perform any services. We take the time and give you the best services so we remain your number one choice and honest and up front company.
At Towing Services we understand that every job is not possible with just one call, which is why we offer emergency roadside assistance for an unlimited amount of hours through our “24 hour guarantee”.

We are a towing company in Leduc, Edmonton, Alberta. We have been in the car repair and towing business for many years. Our team is dedicated to keeping Edmonton’s streets safer and towing services up to date with high standards of safety, professionalism and customer service. In addition, we offer vehicle drop-off / pick-up services.
We provide emergency roadside assistance when your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road which includes professional lock truck assistance for extensive damage when taking your vehicle to our towing shop in Edmonton, Alberta.

Being honest is the core of our company. No matter what you are calling, anything that is wrong with your vehicle, if it is during business hours, we will come by and provide you with the right service. Our services are free 24 hours a day.
It all started when my husband’s old pickup broke down on this side of town…