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Is your car stuck in the snow? Is your vehicle broken down or has it been involved in an accident?
Towing Century Park, Edmonton is here to help! From passenger cars to tractor trailers, we can take care of it. Not sure what to do? Call us for roadside assistance today!
To get your car out of any situation, contact Towing Century Park, Edmonton today.
Scraping snow and ice from a car can be a daunting task for most people, especially when it’s been snowing all day.

We’ll come pick up your vehicle, clean off any snow or ice from the bumper to the tail lights and tow it to a location of your choosing!
In just a few minutes, you’ll have cleared streets of abandoned cars, lowered traffic congestion and improved pedestrian safety.

Owning a car can be expensive and expensive towing bills make fixing your car even more expensive.
Our immaculate service will save you tons of time and money!
Long hours standing in the cold, gusty weather is no fun. We are here 24/7 so you don’t need to worry about our availability, find your solutions with us
We offer fast response time (so you will get your car back faster after an accident), guaranteed service with no hidden fee, backed up by our A+ BBB rating
You might find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere.
Call Terrys towing to get you back on the road immediately. When you need service to get you back on the road, call Terrys Towing!

SUV Towing services in Cooking Lake

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Do live in Edmonton, Canada and are you planning a Camping Trip to Cooking Lake? In your new SUV? You should read on. Sports Utility Vehicles or SUV are muscular bodies which are very heavy in itself. Some of them weigh as much as a small truck with their weights reaching to over a ton and sometimes even more. Getting struck with a car breakdown is defiantly a night mare especially with an SUV. The mere weight of the car makes it difficult to tow. Before you start on your journey to Cooking Lake we should check our car for signs of trouble if we want to save ourselves from the trouble of towing.

Tire Pressure – Keeping the right tire pressure is a must, especially on distant country highways. A burst tire can easily take you off road which might require winching your car out by a professional towing company.
Oils – There are various oils put in the car like brake oil, engine oil, gear oil, cooling oil, etc. These oils are essential for the proper functioning of the brakes, gears, and the engine. Low levels of oil might prevent the car from smooth functioning and it may even stall it. A stalled car more than not needs the assistance of a towing service company to help out.

Four Wheel Drive – Most SUVs have an option of Four Wheel Drive (4WD). In a 4WD option the power is evenly distributed to all the four wheels instead of rear two wheels. This 4WD option is essential for staying in control even when you are offroad. So, before starting your camping for Cooking Lake, check and recheck if your 4WD is working perfectly or not. This will prevent your car from the need of towing service.

Brakes – Brakes are the most important part of the car. Thus checking your car’s brakes before your journey becomes more important than anything else. Remember SUV’s are heavy vehicle which need strong brakes. A brake failure on high speeds can spill dooms both you and your car.
So, all bags packed. Run this small checklist before starting your journey to Cooking Lake to save yourselves from towing your SUV away.

Motorcycle Towing in St. Alberts

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Some people are really fascinated my motorcycles. The speed and maneuverability of a motorcycle beckons a lot of people. People in St. Albert, the city considered to be one of the safest cities in Canada to live in, is no far behind for their love for motorcycles. Owing a high speed motorcycle demon is a dream of many, but a stalled motorcycle can be a nightmare for some. Some of the main reason, why we believe so are :-

  • No Spare Tires – A motorcycle unlike cars, have no spare tires. And more often than not, if you have a flat tire you can get struck and the only solution remains is to carry your heavy motorcycle to a service station.
  • Tool Box – Due to limited storage space in a motorcycle, most people do not carry any tool box unlike a car. This toolbox comes in very handy if there are minor problems. Without the box, even small problem might require you to call for motorcycle towing services in St. Alberts.
  • Difficult to Tow – Towing a motorcycle is a lot more difficult than towing a car, the simple reason is that a motorcycle has only two wheels. Balancing the wheel becomes a challenge while towing the motorcycle by winching.
  • Self Towing – Cars have an option of towing a stalled car yourself if the need arises, though it is not recommended. But the same features are not available in a motorcycle. Motorcycles have no hooks to be attached to pull it out of a ditch or soft mud. A motorcycle rider if in trouble is completely depended on motorcycle towing company in St. Alberts to help him out of the tricky situation.
  • Limited Service Stations – Unlike Car service stations, there are very limited service station for motorcycles in St. Alberts. A major problem might require you get your motorcycle towed to Edmonton.

Motorcycles are fun machines, but the fun can be easily turned into a troubled evening. One should be aware of the limitations his motorcycle has over a car. In, case you find yourself in such a situation consider giving a call to a motorcycle towing company in St. Alberts

How to Rent a Tow Truck in Edmonton

It sounds intimidating, but the process of renting a tow truck is super easy. All you need to do is contact a company and make sure you have all the required documents.

If you’re in need of a tow truck rental service, then look no further! Our company has the best rates on offer and are one of Edmonton’s top towing companies.

What is a Tow Truck?
A tow truck is a vehicle designed to transport wrecked or disabled vehicles. They are typically equipped with a powerful winch and cable, as well as brute force to help move the incapacitated vehicle. Tow trucks can be contracted by those without the proper equipment for this purpose, such as a battery-powered winch, to remove an immobilized car from an accident scene.

As a member of the towing community, we understand the importance of providing great If you are in Edmonton, Alberta and are looking for a tow truck rental service, then look no further. RentalKing is the best company for rentals of all kinds of equipment, including tow trucks.

If you’re in need of a tow truck rental service, then look no further! Our company has the best rates on offer and are one of Edmonton’s top towing companies.

It’s happened to all of us – you’re on the highway and you see something odd in your peripheral vision. Your car is wobbling and you can’t tell what’s happening. What do you do? Skip over to Edmonton tow truck near me Edmonton automotive towing for help!

You may be asking yourself, “How do I go about renting a tow truck in Edmonton?” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! This article will walk you through all the steps to get your rental process started.

Looking for a reliable and affordable tow truck rental in Edmonton? Edmonton, Automotive Towing Near Me is a great place to go. We have a variety of different trucks that will be perfect for your needs. Whether you need a small 2-wheel trailer or a heavy duty 10-wheeler, we have the vehicle you need!

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Tow Truck in Edmonton?
Renting a tow truck in Edmonton is an immensely practical option for those of you who are looking to move heavy furniture or appliances. The cost of renting a tow truck depends on the length of the rental period, the size of the towed vehicle, and whether or not you have roadside assistance coverage.

Who Can I contact for More Information on Renting a Tow Truck in Edmonton?
If you are interested in renting a tow truck in Edmonton, contact at call (587)-337-6789. Towing Edmonton – Terrys Towing Edmonton. The best car towing companies in Edmonton, Alberta. 24 hour roadside assistance services, tow truck services. Phone: (587)-337-6789 . Contact Us.

I hope this post has helped you get a better understanding of how to rent a tow truck in Edmonton. The best thing you can do is research the rates for each company before you decide to rent with them.