Motorcycle Towing in St. Alberts

Some people are really fascinated my motorcycles. The speed and maneuverability of a motorcycle beckons a lot of people. People in St. Albert, the city considered to be one of the safest cities in Canada to live in, is no far behind for their love for motorcycles. Owing a high speed motorcycle demon is a dream of many, but a stalled motorcycle can be a nightmare for some. Some of the main reason, why we believe so are :-

  • No Spare Tires – A motorcycle unlike cars, have no spare tires. And more often than not, if you have a flat tire you can get struck and the only solution remains is to carry your heavy motorcycle to a service station.
  • Tool Box – Due to limited storage space in a motorcycle, most people do not carry any tool box unlike a car. This toolbox comes in very handy if there are minor problems. Without the box, even small problem might require you to call for motorcycle towing services in St. Alberts.
  • Difficult to Tow – Towing a motorcycle is a lot more difficult than towing a car, the simple reason is that a motorcycle has only two wheels. Balancing the wheel becomes a challenge while towing the motorcycle by winching.
  • Self Towing – Cars have an option of towing a stalled car yourself if the need arises, though it is not recommended. But the same features are not available in a motorcycle. Motorcycles have no hooks to be attached to pull it out of a ditch or soft mud. A motorcycle rider if in trouble is completely depended on motorcycle towing company in St. Alberts to help him out of the tricky situation.
  • Limited Service Stations – Unlike Car service stations, there are very limited service station for motorcycles in St. Alberts. A major problem might require you get your motorcycle towed to Edmonton.

Motorcycles are fun machines, but the fun can be easily turned into a troubled evening. One should be aware of the limitations his motorcycle has over a car. In, case you find yourself in such a situation consider giving a call to a motorcycle towing company in St. Alberts

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