SUV Towing services in Cooking Lake

Do live in Edmonton, Canada and are you planning a Camping Trip to Cooking Lake? In your new SUV? You should read on. Sports Utility Vehicles or SUV are muscular bodies which are very heavy in itself. Some of them weigh as much as a small truck with their weights reaching to over a ton and sometimes even more. Getting struck with a car breakdown is defiantly a night mare especially with an SUV. The mere weight of the car makes it difficult to tow. Before you start on your journey to Cooking Lake we should check our car for signs of trouble if we want to save ourselves from the trouble of towing.

Tire Pressure – Keeping the right tire pressure is a must, especially on distant country highways. A burst tire can easily take you off road which might require winching your car out by a professional towing company.
Oils – There are various oils put in the car like brake oil, engine oil, gear oil, cooling oil, etc. These oils are essential for the proper functioning of the brakes, gears, and the engine. Low levels of oil might prevent the car from smooth functioning and it may even stall it. A stalled car more than not needs the assistance of a towing service company to help out.

Four Wheel Drive – Most SUVs have an option of Four Wheel Drive (4WD). In a 4WD option the power is evenly distributed to all the four wheels instead of rear two wheels. This 4WD option is essential for staying in control even when you are offroad. So, before starting your camping for Cooking Lake, check and recheck if your 4WD is working perfectly or not. This will prevent your car from the need of towing service.

Brakes – Brakes are the most important part of the car. Thus checking your car’s brakes before your journey becomes more important than anything else. Remember SUV’s are heavy vehicle which need strong brakes. A brake failure on high speeds can spill dooms both you and your car.
So, all bags packed. Run this small checklist before starting your journey to Cooking Lake to save yourselves from towing your SUV away.

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