Cheap car and truck towing companies in Edmonton

Edmonton is one of the biggest city in the Alberta province of Canada, where one of the favourite weekend activity of people is driving cross country. Imagine you in one such journey and your car brakes down. the obvious solution for you is to take the help of any car towing company.
In Edmonton there are many cheap car and truck towing companies, but do you really think they play a fair game? So, what should you do to not to get cheated by cheap car towing company?
Below are a few check points which one should adhere to when he gets his car towed.
1) Always get an estimate before you get your car towed – There are several companies who provide estimate over the phone before they provide service, always compare from a few renowned companies before zeroing down on one.
2) Insurance cover – If you have met with an accident and you need to claim an insurance cover. Make you contact your insurance company before you get your car towed. Sometimes, the insurance companies need evidence of accident in the form of photographs.
3) Many companies charge you for the distance they tow your car, ensure to note the distance covered – There are towing companies who charge you by the distance they need to tow your car, other charge on the basis of the service they provide. You need to make sure you make a proper cost benefit analysis of all the options available and choose accordingly. In case you take the option with distance, make sure you note down the mileage of the car.
4) Make sure your car is properly towed – There are many low cost towing companies who don’t use proper cables and equipment to tow your car. Imagine what happens if the cable snaps. There can be severe damage to the car’s body.
Some people treat their car as a part of their family. We need to make sure our family is not in the wrong hands. Choose wisely, and save yourself from getting cheated.

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