How to choose the best Junk Car Removal company in Edmonton

Have your Dad’s old car? Is it occupying a large space in your garage? Don’t know what to do with it? Well a quick and easy solution for you to pick up phone and call a Junk Car Removal Company. There are many such specialised car removal companies in Canada. Edmonton is no different. Old car not only occupy space in your garage but they also are environmentally unfriendly.
So, how does actually a Junk Car Removal work? Let us understand the steps in details.
1) You first call the car removal company. You give them your details – Name, address, phone number, car details, car condition (whether it starts or not), etc.
2) Scheduling a pick up – The Junk Car Company will call you back and schedule a pick up date, pick up place and time at your convenience.
3) Dispatch of technicians and pickup trucks – The company will send the pick up trucks and technicians to assess and pick your car.
4) Assessment of the Car – The junk car removal company will assess the condition of your car – the battery, the engine, the electrics, etc. and make a spot offer to you. Most of the times the offer made by us is better than your expectations.
5) Payment – Most Junk Car removal companies will make you a spot cash payment before towing the car away. Make sure you insist on getting instant cash if your junk car removal company is resisting. After all this is the industry norm.
6) Handover – After you receive the payment, you need to handover the car to the junk car removal company with some paper work. and then, you are done. You no longer have to worry about clogged space or undue fines.
7) Junk is Junked – The company now tows away your car. Your headache is now theirs and you have all the cash to fund your new car. So what are you waiting for? Get your old car removed today
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