Roadside assistance towing companies in Edmonton City

Were you in Edmonton in 2004? Remember the thunderstorm which occurred on 11th July, when large hail and over 100 mm of rain was reported within the space of an hour. Many cars were damaged and many more were stranded on the road. This was just a once in a life time event. But car breaking down has become a day to day affair, with thousands of cars and trucks requiring towing everyday in Edmonton.
But if you are getting your car towed, you should remember several things in your mind. These are essential issues neglecting with can get a big dent on either your car or your pocket!
First, never do that yourself. It is the biggest mistakes many people do. Doing it yourself means you are taking the risk of damaging the car. Always take the help of professional towing companies. There are many professional towing companies in Edmonton to do the job for you.
Always do a cost analysis. Many companies offer cheap towing services but do you think they are really cheap? If you have actually tried them then you will realize they are not as cheap as they offer. Most of them have hidden charges. Some don’t have proper equipments, some don’t have skilled manpower.
There is no one fit solution for towing. There are different kinds of tow vans for cars and a different and a much bigger one for trucks. You need to be sure to specify the kind of towing services you require. You sure don’t want to be charged for a truck when you actually need to tow your car. There are straight forward towing services which pull your car from point A to point B and then there are different types of towing services for different kind of situations.
There is a Belt Lift or Hook and Chain Lift. In this the front part of the car is hoisted by chains that are attached to the car frame or axle. This kind of towing is done generally when the wheels are locked or missing.
Another method of towing is winch-out which is generally used in off road recovery. Imagine your car being struck in mud or snow, it becomes very difficult to pull it out on its own. The only solution to this is winching out the car. This requires specialists who can pull out the car without harming the car.
Towing is not the only solution. It’s the last resort. You don’t always require to get your car towed. There are several roadside assistance towing companies in Edmonton City. Most cars can be jump started. These roadside assistance companies can also solve minor problems like running out of gas, opening locked doors, flat tires, brake fluids, electrical fuses, etc.

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